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Boy's Lemonade Stand Is Robbed At Gunpoint, Lowe’s Finds Out & Plans Huge Surprise.

Did you ever park yourself in front of your house with a table stocked with lemonade (that you probably snagged from your parents’ fridge) ready to make a quick buck or two?

On Saturday, August 4, 2018, 9-Year-Old entrepreneur Mark David  set up a lemonade stand in his neighborhood in Monroe, North Carolina. David hoped to earn some money to put towards a lawnmower for “his other business“.


According to a business card he gave one of his neighbors, David advertises himself as a “dog walker, lawn mower, and professional ring bearer.” Seriously, this kid is on track to be richer than Mark Zuckerberg some day.

Things were going well for David, and he was slowly but surely making a profit, one cup of lemonade at a time. Until that afternoon, a teenager dressed in camouflage approached David … but not for a refreshment.

The male teenager walked up to David, pressed a gun up to his stomach, and demanded his money. David gave up the cash without a fight … but not without disappointment. The teenager ran off with $17 cash but left a trail of evidence in some nearby woods including a camouflage hat, the gun (which was found to be a BB gun), and a stolen metal tin.

It didn’t take long for news to spread through the neighborhood, then the city, then across the internet. Lowe’s Home Improvement store caught wind of the story and they partnered with the local store’s manager, Chris Beatty, to help make things right for David.


That Monday, August 6, Beatty drove a flatbed truck into David’s neighborhood … carrying a brand new shiny red riding lawnmower. Not just any lawnmower, but a top of the line one with a retail value of $1,099.

Beatty pulled up to David’s lemonade stand and said, “I heard about what happened, and we wanted to take care of you and bring you your own riding lawn mower”. Not only that, Beatty also brought a little entrepreneur kit along that contained fuel for the mower, safety glasses, and ear plugs among other things essential to David’s lawn mowing business.


Now, not only does David have everything he needs for his lawn mowing business, but when he set up his lemonade stand once again in the neighborhood (this time, at the pool) he brought in more than $250 from the community.

In the end, the theif was caught, the community pulled together, and the young business-minded kid achieved his goal – just a little differently than he had planned.

Check out the video of Mark’s reaction when Lowe’s dropped off his new lawn mower, and then share with your friends!

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ONLY ON 9: 9-year old robbed while selling lemonade in his neighborhood gets a special surprise!

Posted by Liz Foster on Monday, August 6, 2018

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