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Exhausted Mom Comes Home To Find Daughter's Heartfelt Note & Breaks Down.

Mom guilt is real. It can manifest in many ways, but every mom has a moment where she feels guilty for doing something “wrong” or is desperately wondering if she’s doing everything “right”.

Recently, a mom to a 16-year-old daughter received proof that she was doing something right when she came home from a late-night shift at work to find snacks and a sweet note.


The Reddit user, who goes by the name “Mish0451”, posted a photo of the note with the caption, “My 16 YO left this by my bed after I worked a long evening shift. Melted my heart <3”.

The note, which sat on a table next to an energy bar and a bottle of water read:

I know you had a long night & [you’re] gonna be tired so I brought you in your ‘midnight snack’ because I know I prolly won’t be awake when you get home…I love you! Enjoy & sleep well

The sweet note caught the attention of other users as well, as comments applauding Mish0451’s parenting came rolling in.


The mom attributed her daughter’s kind gesture as “luck” before noting that she’s “fortunate enough to have two really sweet daughters that are like [her] best friends” and said that the girls are “good kids”.


Whether it is “luck” or not, this woman has done something right over the years. It’s likely that she agonized over her choices while she raised her daughters. She’s proof that no guilt is necessary because as long as you love your kids they will love you back.

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