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Little Girl Gives Bone Marrow Donor Who Saved Her Life The Sweetest 'Thank You.'

A set of twin sisters, a professional baseball player, an army veteran, and a life-saving bone marrow transplant. No, this isn’t a Nicholas Sparks book, this is real life.

Adriana Aviles and her twin sister, Mia, were born to mom, Jessy and dad, Mike, who at the time, was three-years into his MLB career and playing for the Kansas City Royals. The family was in a place of pure joy and bliss.

Over the next few years, in addition to navigating life with two little ones, Mike was traded from Kansas City to the Boston Red Sox, back to Kansas City, then to the Cleveland Indians in 2013. Things finally seemed to be settling down in 2015, Mike’s third consecutive season with the Indians … until the family learned of Adriana’s Leukemia diagnosis.

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At only four-years-old, Adriana had to undergo chemo therapy to rid her little body of the disease. Then, in December of that year, she needed a bone marrow transplant.

The Aviles family had an abundance of support around them between Avilo’s team, who shaved their heads and wore “Team Adriana” shirts in her honor, their own friends and family, and the MLB family as a whole.

The biggest support, though, came from Mike Laureano, an Army Veteran and college student.

Laureano was 24 years old when Be The Match, a bone marrow drive, was set up on his college campus. He decided to sign up and didn’t think much of it, especially since Aimee Haskew of Be The Match said he had a 1 in 430 chance of being asked to donate. But one year later, Laureano got a call to let him know he was a match for a little girl and that his bone marrow could save her life.

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He didn’t even think twice and quickly underwent the procedure. Then in December 2015, his bone marrow was given to Adriana. In the spring of 2016, Adriana’s dad, Mike, headed to MLB Spring Training and was able to let everyone know that she was officially cancer free.

This happy ending could be the end of the story, but it actually gets better.

Be The Match allows donors to connect with the patient they donated one year after the transplant. Laureano took his time, but in 2018 decided he wanted to connect with Adriana.

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The emotional meeting was recorded on video and posted online. In it, Adriana became emotional at just the sight of Laureano’s car pulling up. When he came to the door, she ran up to him, crying. She gave him a hug and didn’t let go as she repeated “thank you” over and over.


Once Laureano entered the house, he gave Jessy and Mike hugs … the kind of hugs that practically scream love and support.

Eventually, Laureano was hugging both Adriana and her sister, Mia. The two girls, now seven-years-old, have been through so much together already, and they seem to understand that they get to continue to make memories thanks to this donor.


Grab the tissues and watch the sweet video below. Once you catch your breath, make sure to share with your friends!

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