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Puppy Sees Mom For 1st Time In Months & Owner Captures Heart-Melting Reunion.

At 11 weeks old, Harper was the very last of her litter.

She didn’t understand where the rest of her pack was, just that she was still stuck at home with Mom. And she was tired of waiting. So she put on her big girl pants one day in early 2017 and hit the road, hoping to find her own forever family. She found a trailhead nearby and trotted along the path until she came to a fork in the road: Left or right?

harper as puppy

She put her nose to the ground and took in a few good whiffs. Right, she decided. And her sniffer led her directly into the arms, and heart, of one Jarret Randall.

“Exactly two years ago I was out hiking, and this little fur ball stumbled out onto the trail. She was very timid, but came straight to me,” he wrote on Instagram last January. With her owners’ blessing, he took her home, and in the years since, this tenacious Golden retriever’s appeared in countless videos and photo shoots with Jarret, traveled the globe, and “defended me from countless cats.”

And squirrels!

harper and jarrett

“She is the greatest dog ever and I am so stoked to see what adventures we get to go over the next years,” wrote the Albuquerque, New Mexico-based photographer and filmmaker.

But rewind to when Harper was first adopted. She took to her new home right away, still, she longed to check back in with Mom, just to let her know she’d landed on her paws and not to worry. Little did she know, Jarret and her mom’s owner were already on the same wavelength and a reunion was already in the works, they just hadn’t told her yet.

Three months after taking Harper home, Jarret loaded her into the car for a surprise reunion. Right away, she seemed to know something was up.


She bounded out with that signature Golden retriever enthusiasm. And immediately picked up a scent.

Sniff-sniff. Sniff … sniff … sniffsniffsniff… And then she looked up, and there was Mom!


After months apart, it’s safe to say these two were pretty happy to see each other.

Watch this joyful reunion in the video below, and share to spread smiles!

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