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What Qualities Woman Look For In A Serious Partner

What do women really look for when it comes to a serious partner? Forearms, apparently. Gals have turned to Reddit to reveal the qualities they want in a significant other and… Well, let’s just say they were ridiculously specific. You know how men just throw things out like “boobs and a*s”? Well, girls aren’t as curt. Read on below as women reveal the qualities they look for in a serious partner, according to Reddit.

“I want (and have) a man who knows how to behave properly around polite company, who is willing to be open and trusting with me in our private moments, and can diffuse a tense situation with light humor while not ignoring the situation at hand. OH and treats me respectfully like a equal partner.”

“I look for someone who has a certain kind of feeling around him. Someone who’s emotionally stable, but still shows emotions and everything. I also want someone I Cal talk to for hours and never lose interest in the conversation, along with any type of conversation is open. Someone with a sense of humor, and someone who gets that I mess up and I mean the best. I look for someone who’s a good Christian man and loves God over everyone else. Someone who is loyal to God will be loyal to you.”

“CONSISTENCY. I just want to date someone that is consistent in their behaviour towards me. Not just for a month and then does a complete 180 on me. Leaving me confused af.” Felt this before, anyone?

“Honesty. It’s surprising how often someone lacks honesty. Loyalty, morality, ambition, he has to be adventurous. I don’t mind a homebody. But I do mind someone who won’t ever go do anything, and has no desire to travel. Selfishness is an automatic no. I once had a guy tell me to pretend I don’t know him in public, after he was already my boyfriend. No. Then, there is, of course, the sense of humor bit, intelligence is important, hygiene is important.”

“Do you look like you care for yourself? Are you doing something interesting? How do you treat animals? People? Your parents? What are your hobbies? Political stance? How about vaccinations? Do you like the beach? Do you use cologne I like or stuff that makes my nose sear? It’s not about if you’re nice. Nice is default. You’re supposed to be nice. What ELSE is there?”

“Someone who knows what they want and is on top of their sh*t. A man with direction and drive. He needs to know how to be in a healthy relationship because I don’t, and he needs to be patient as I learn. Someone open-minded that won’t judge me for my past and will accept me for me as much as I accept him. Intelligence (not just booksmarts) and nerdiness are a must. Be social but not feed off social interaction because some days I’d rather stay home and play video games. And most of all he has to be family and animal friendly and love board/card games.”

“Quite a few things I suppose: -mutual attraction -respect -doesn’t seem like they’ll pressure me for sex -easy to converse with -interested in me, my family, and my life -Willing to talk about their family and life and stuff. I think that’s a good start.”

“Very slow to anger, someone who is laid back but still hilarious. Life of the party kind of guy, ya know? Someone who will not fight with me but have arguments, where we sit and talk through our issues, not scream at each other. Someone with a somewhat normal family, can’t have too much crazy. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m shallow. He’s gotta look good :D”

“my old neighbour always told me the three most important things to go for in a partner: kindness (especially to animals), intelligence, and a good sense of humour. so i try to base potential boyfriends off that plus my own personality preferences.”

“Is he capable of being independent? Is he kind to his mom, children and animals? Is he hygienic? Is there something that excites and motivates him (hobbies, job etc.)? Is he respectful and supportive? Does he like fart jokes? All answers should be yes.”

“I look for a guy who treats me like a person, not a potential girlfriend. As in, our conversation is geared towards getting to know each other or chatting about common interests, not a series of seemingly-charming yet passively-mysogenist compliments aimed at getting into my pants 1 or 3 or 5 dates down the line.

And he has to be a real person too, f*ck. Don’t just front about how much money you make or your volunteer stint in Cambodia. Admit a fear. Describe a goal. Tell me about a time you felt proud of yourself, or ashamed. And ask me those questions, and listen. And if I don’t give you my number, don’t call me a cocktease. Would you do that to a friend? To your brother?

Be real. Treat me like I’m real. Because that’s the path to a real relationship.”

“Honest communication and sexual compatability. You have to be willing to bring up topics even if they are sometimes uncomfortable as well as to listen in order for a relationship to grow. And sexual compatability is huuuge. I refuse to waste my time with a guy who doesn’t enjoy sex as much as I do.”

“I don’t care much about looks, physically I just would like to see that they take care of themselves, as that’s attractive and can be a reflection of how they view themselves. As far as personality/behavior.. I love it when I am talking to a guy and I get the feeling he is genuinely interested in what I’m saying, making eye contact and smiling- makes me melt inside! I also love it when they are down for anything- an adventure, or just a night in with netflix and video games. Oh and I love it when they have a big appetite. I love to cook. Must love cuddles, and dogs.”

“Height and/or forearms.” Another added: “I like my forearms when they’re being naughty. Like he’s got a nice button up on with a tie and maybe a vest. But he rolls those sleeves up and hello forearms. What are you doing out, you sneaky things? Absolutely delicious that way.”

“Based on looks alone I would say… Eyes, smile, face in general then overall physique. I don’t particularly care about nicely shaped wrists but if a man has nice hands that is however a plus. As far as personality/behavior.. A good sense of humor and confidence (NOT to be confused with cockiness) are definitely appreciated.”